Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
Monday, March 18, 2019


Mt. Calvary, like many other Black churches in America, traced back in time her beginning roots to the present day. We ventured sixty-two years back to First Baptist Church from whence the original small band of saints came and we continued back eighty-four years to Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church, the original point of departure for both a fore stated churches, and all the Black Baptist churches in this area.
The actual founders of this church were concluded to be:
Mattie Akins, Ordena Jackson ,Wilson Akins, Minerva Jesters ,Betty Beckard, Ida Polk, Mose Beckard, Amanda Rogers, Mattie Braden,
Henry Rogers, Ibbie Ghoston, Betty Smith, Emma Hood, Melinda Springer, Hattie Hood, Nannie Turner, David Jackson, Robert Whittaker.
The group began to initially worshipped in the old A.M.E. Church once located at the corner of East 8th and Glade Street under the pastorate of Rev. John Gilmore. At this location, the group began to give of their time, talents and means to further the eventful fulfillment of their dream.
Some of the Deacons of the early church were David Jackson, Chairman of the Deacon Board & Church Treasurer, Mose Beckard, Henry Rogers, Robert Whittaker and Wilson Akin. The first Deaconesses were: Betty Beckard, Ordena Jackson and Amanda Rogers. Among the first converts the names of Mary Kennedy and Jimmie Lee Foster, were recorded.
During the infant period, Mt. Calvary Church has had several overseers who served such as, Rev. J. B. Ridley, and Rev. Charles Chesley Greene who was considered the first full-time pastor of Mt. Calvary. Rev. William Crawford, organized the first Usher Board with Sis. Izora Walker as its president. Rev. Tommie L, Jones was called to pastor in 1934; Rev. Jones labored for twenty-two years.
Some of the ministers who were assistants to Rev. Jones, were: Rev. Calvin Lockridge & Rev. Arch Crosby. Associate ministers were Rev. D. B. Cunningham, Rev. Eugene Young, Rev. Arch Crosby, Rev. J. M. Batton, Rev. Hershel Green & Rev. Wm. Riley.  Rev. Tommy Jones resigned as pastor of Mt. Calvary in 1956 due to failing health. In February 1962, God called his faithful servant from labor to reward.
After the resignation of Rev. Jones, God sent another leader, Rev. James Solomon Harris to Mt. Calvary in 1956.
Ministers who assisted Rev. Harris were Rev. William Riley, Rev. Henry Wilson, Rev. Leon Davis, and Rev. Kenny L. Anderson, Sr.
After an extended illness, Rev. Harris was called from labor to reward in March 18, 1994 after serving Mt. Calvary for thirty-eight years.
After the death of Rev. Harris, the call was extended to Rev. Anderson to lead the flock. Rev. Anderson has been pastor since June 1994.
The hands of time moves forward with the Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church family as we are "Seeking to become one of the most Loving Churches in the World!"